2020 Bomber update

Long time, no rant minions! Your friendly, neighborhood Burgernazi is back after the year of being locked out from my own blog! As fucked as this year has been for us all, I have been the dirty washcloth cleaning hobo dick cheese at the bus station of 2020. Since there is a lot of shit, I will try to keep it in chronological order. February, one week before the Chinese flu kicked in, I was walking through Lowes to get wire nuts to finish a project and my left ankle was killing me. I stopped at the paint counter to get my composure and attempted to proceed to my goal. POP!!!!!!!!!! After releasing a noise that can only be duplicated by a pre-teen getting onto American Idol, four Lowes employees came in a hurry, I had partially ruptured my achilles tendon and it was audible...
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Well, here it is.

On Friday, I apparently was vandalized by the "Me to" movement. Now there is a story behind it, so I will begin. Four Airmen (one was female) came in and sat at the bar. The first two male Airmen placed their order, the female Airman was next.......but was to busy fucking with her phone to pay enough attention to order. I cracked a joke in order to get her attention, "Why is it that women have so fantastic digital dexterity yet can't give a decent handjob?" This not only woke her up, but made her butt-hurt as she and her "boyfriend" stormed out the door. I asked the remaining two Airmen if that joke was over the top, not only did they say no, they thought it was some funny shit! I just wrote it off as not everyone has a sense of humor anymore,...
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Sometimes it sucks being intelligent

Now, I'm not saying I'm laser sharpened Adamantium from Wolverine's claws but I'm not the typical KFC spork I tend to encounter more often than I prefer to meet. Topic of the day: I watched on this mornings news that some local businesses are giving women 10% off to celebrate "Woman's equality Day". If anything, I am intellectually consistent, an asshole, but call them as I see them. If the "I am women, hear me roar!" movement has any validity, since you can do anything any man can do, ISN'T A DISCOUNT ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY AN INSULT?! Riddle me that, Batman! Now to more inconsistency, if someone with cock and balls comes into any of these stores "identifying" as a woman and the discount is denied,  will there be any outrage? HMMMMM. Doubt it. Just little things I notice, nothing else. And before any...
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Hello Minions, on Saturday I was getting my ass kicked ,business wise, and a rather portly dude comes in to place an order: 3 BCH and a DBLBCH. When I asked him what he wanted on them, he demanded everything on the side since he either didn't have the intellectual capital or the fucking common sense to know what he needed and was trying to put his lack of effort or planning on me. I TOLD HIM NO. I posed the following question, "If you call Pizza Hut and ask for everything on the side, would they do it?" This presentation of basic logic pissed this little snowflake smooth the fuck off and he waddled out the door stating "Your a jerk and I'm going to let everyone on the internet know about this!" This stupid fuck's little outburst cracked the 12 customers who witnessed...
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Why you should NEVER

give up your firearms my Minions! A perfect example just happened a quarter block South of the Bomber, a car accident. Now you may be thinking "What the fuck does that have to with guns, Burgernazi?" I will tell you what, It was IN FRONT OF the fucking SHERIFF SUBSTATION!!!!!!!! So what you ask? I will tell you so what: response time was 18 minutes! Think they will be any better for a home invader taking your shit and raping your dog? Maybe but I'm not willing to take that chance, nor should you. Hell, when the "officer down" call was made, down here six years ago, it still took the first responder over two minutes to arrive! I was in the parking lot kicking the perp's ass, the guy would have gotten away in that time. Still feel safe putting ALL of your eggs...
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An explanation….

as to why us "old" people FUCKING HATE MILLENNIALS!!! Oh, let me count the ways! An entire generation, that is the DIRECT result of participation trophies, is now released into society and they are tedious, entitled, limited work ethic, pretentious attention whores. That is the general explanation, now we can get into the specifics:
  • They are easy to identify; thousands of dollars worth of tattoos and piercings acquired without any measure of employ-ability or job skill set. Makes me wonder......
  • Speaking of tattoos, my generation has them as well. BUT, until we were established in our life's work, WE PUT THEM IN SPOTS THAT DIDN'T HAMPER OUR CHANCES OF EMPLOYMENT! I am an employer, and I enjoy the fact that millennial's make it easy to identify they are unemployable! If I hire you, you are REPRESENTING MY BUSINESS in my absents. Not happening here.
  • Man...
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I don't get it.

It's Monday, January First and everything is closed. WHY?! OK, Government is off but they are lazy fucks out of the box. Banks as well as they use every Government holiday as an excuse. Why is "New Years Day" even considered a "Holiday" anyway? Are you fuckers either such bad or good drinkers that you need an extra day to recover? Is the perplexing task of changing a calendar require 24 fucking hours? Is working with a hangover above your pay grade? If so, I wouldn't hire you, means you can't multitask and are mentally weak (That's PC for retard). Liquor stores closed? Anyone ever heard of "Hair of the Dog" or deadbeat friends and relatives sucking your WHOLE stockpile into THEIR COCK-HOLES?! Thanks Government. To me, it's just fucking Monday and I want to get shit done to be ready for Tuesday, that's it....
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Evil thoughts from a pissed off mind!

Hello Minions, I know it's been awhile. But, I have had two different cum guzzling asshats cross my World recently and lord knows I can't post this rant upon the PC purifying landscape of Facebook. So I just get around them by ranting in my blog and linking it, hehe. One: While checking feedback on the Bomber Facebook page I found out that I am a "racist"! I know, came to a shock to me as well! I guess surviving an attempted murder, getting my ear cut off, 98 stitches to the neck and losing 3 pints of blood defending a BLACK Sheriffs Dep. after he was assaulted by a white trash PIECE OF SHIT qualifies as racist. HMMMMM. If I could locate this internet troll I would kick-fuck this sorry ass piece of shit and make their crotch look like you punted the side...
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Back to school! (And why it annoys me)

Long time, no blog but I'm back! Now you may be thinking " What about back to school could be so bad?" I will show you. MONEY! Or the blatant waste of it to be more specific. Let's get to the dirty fucking details:
  1. Kansas spends nearly $10,000 of tax money PER STUDENT, PER YEAR  and graduates are fucking stupid. They lack skills in basic math, grammar and basic life skills. And IF they go to college (most shouldn't) they end up taking remedial classes to get caught up. Does that sound like a good return on a $180,000 investment? If it does to you, I have a bridge to sell you.
  2. Now where does this money go? Hypothetical example: One classroom, 20 students=$200,000 in revenue per classroom. Let's pay the teacher $50,000. Where does the other $150,000 go? Sure as fuck not to results or supplies!
  3. Supplies....
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How to run a business in the New Millennium by using an old analogy.

There is an old saying that everyone knows, "If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day. If you TEACH a man to fish......" Then he needs to BUY a fishing licence, get permission and a licence  from the Parks Dept. to use Public land to even go fishing. Now the animal rights protesters show up to show their "outrage" against the way the man is going to abuse the worm, because after all, "Worm lives matter!" Now the man catches two fish and the protesters come back with signs declaring the man is a "Murderer" and a "Monster" and "Fish are people too!" The Man goes to start a fire to cook the fish but the Fire Marshal shows up and issues a fine for not having a burn permit. The Man guts and scales the fish in order to still...
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