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Our Hours:
Grill Hours 10:00-2:00pm

Grill Shuts down 20min before closing.
Call ahead if you are in a hurry,
as the patties are 3/4 of a pound are prepared fresh.
(316) 522-6291

Cash Only!

     Where does it come from?

Bomber Burger was started in 1951 as a little bar that also served a great burger. It changed hands many times over the years until the current ownership took over in 1985. Owner, Paul Rickard, ran the Bomber Burger as it was ran in the past……as a great local hang out that you could leave with a great burger when your imbibing was done. His Son, Chris, (Burgernazi) ran the Bomber at nights while going to W.S.U in the Physician Assistants program…….this sucked as Chris put in over 80 hrs a week between school and business responsibilities. Paul died in his sleep, July 24th, 1997, and the Burgernazi was born. Sick of dealing with sick people and with an innate ability to cook, Chris assumed the full time spot of running Bomber Burger, transforming it from a bar with a decent burger into the premier burger joint in the world that you could also have an ice cold beer.

Why we are better than the rest.

The Bomber Burger difference: We are a family run business that takes great pride in our quality, cleanliness and value. We use the highest quality ingredients, meat and oils. Your pattie is not cooked until you order it. Our seasoning mix is unique in the industry and sets us apart from the so called “competition”. We do not employ work release workers (as most chain restaurants do) and we do not employ illegal aliens (as some chains do).All patties at Bomber Burger are hand formed Kansas Angus, prepared in house and expertly seasoned with our custom seasoning mix. At 3 /4 of a pound, we are by far and away the industry leader. We use 81% lean ground chuck for a lean, meaty, manly burger. We pay extra for denser buns, in order to handle the intense weight of the burger as double cheese burgers weigh a POUND AND A QUARTER ……AFTER COOKING!