Well, your worst nightmare has now become a reality!

Now the Burgernazi’s rants are in print form as well! I will start with my general disclaimer: Do not read any of my posts if you are sensitive to any of the following; common sense, foul language, political “incorrectness”, gross humor and a general dislike of most of the human race. I tend to not have a “give a shit” gland or soul, so I will make fun of about everything and anyone. Your sex (yes sex dip shits, gender is used in language only. You are of the male or female sex, not gender!) religion, race, weight, physical appearance, handicap, social-economic status, political beliefs and overall lack of knowledge are all fair game to me. I will eventually post something that gets your panties in a bunch but stick with it, I will piss off some other demographic later and you will laugh at that. Well unlike Obama voters, I have to get to work (OOOHHHH, that’s a four letter word to some.) now as one of the last productive members of society. Nazi out.

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