The "blight" of the community.

I recently was informed that the high grass in front of the Bomber Burger is a “blight” to the Oaklawn Improvement District. Let’s overlook that (and the more visible and pressing blights in Oaklawn) and focus on the facts: Kansas has had record rain fall for the year and I haven’t had the damn time to mow the FUCKING GRASS! Last time I checked I’m an award wining business owner and chef and not a damn “maintenance engineer”. Never the less, I mowed the damn thing so that the biggest problem Oaklawn has ever faced would be taken care of.
Problem solved right? Responsible business owner and part of the community, right? Nope. They told me to mow the ditch! Yep, the fucking ditch! I “politely” informed them that the ditch is public, not private, property and therefore not my damn job! I contacted the county and they confirmed the same. In fact, the county foreman told me that he had already confirmed this with these douche nozzles and they wanted me to do it anyway! I would consider that political malfeasance but I did not want them to learn a new word. So the county does it’s job, so nothing to worry about right? Wrong! I have trash on the property! Let’s not acknowledge that any and all trash on the property was a charitable contribution from the outstanding, law abiding, high work effort, over achieving citizens across the street (I will let you guess what that neighborhood is called!).
I guess since I am a “rich” business owner who budgets for trash service, I had it coming. Ok, that’s taken care of so no problems, right? (You see where this is fucking going, right?) Nope, the grass is the rear is to tall. I inform them that it is a holding area for rain water, to try and prevent the building from flooding. They don’t give a shit. So that has been my week, dealing with an organization that is a glorified fucking home owners association.
But hopefully since I have gotten my shit together and addressed the greatest threat Oaklawn has ever seen, the Oaklawn Improvement District can address the smaller issues in the neighborhood: burglary, larceny, vandalism, child abuse, abandoned buildings, broken cars, domestic violence, arson, stray dogs, drug addicts, single teenage Mother’s (and they get pissed when they can’t use their welfare cards here), illegal dumping and last but not least, FLOODING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More people in Kansas (and the World due to the high volume of military customers I serve) know of Oaklawn due to my award winning food. I must make a pretty fucking good product since they leave so happy they overlook the “blight”.
This has been a rant from the Burgernazi and I approve this message. Burgernazi out.

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