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Well, this one should get some panties in a bunch. First of all I will disclose that the author loathes, despises, hates fucking soccer and the sooner the USA is out the sooner this Nation will start to regain strength and standing in the World. This backwards abomination is nothing but pussified mediocrity personified. "Well, you sound anti-American there Mr. Burgernazi! Don't you want the USA to be good at everything?" NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your Sister is a cocksucker, do you want her to be known for how good she is at it?! If your kid is a crayon eating, window licking, bed wetting retard do you brag about the pretty picture he makes while he is drooling on your passenger window on the way to the group home?! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soccer is a fucking Socialist plot to weaken this great Nation and as a patriot I WILL NOT...
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Oh yeah, the forgotten "holiday" is coming up.

Yes boys and girls I'm back! What holiday could I be referring to you may ask? FUCKING FATHER'S DAY! Why a rant about it? Here is one gives Father's Day a second damn thought, that's why. Father's Day is the redheaded window licker of Holidays. Every damn "holiday" that exists, with the exception of Father's Day, is female centered and therefore Father's Day is unceremoniously kicked under the rug. Even fucking Christmas is not about the man. "Every kiss begins with Kay". translation: If you don't go to the jewelry store and drop a grand, you are a douche. What similar pressure are the women folk enduring? A new Braun electric razor or a Craftsman wrench....... ohhhh, be still my heart! Valentine's day? You had better order Sherrie's Berries, Pro Flowers, Pajamagram, Vermont Teddy Bear, go to the jewelry store, have a fucking Hallmark...
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