Finally, the real American sport is back, and not to soon! After weeks of this insufferable soccer shit and baseball, we finally have something to watch again!!!! And if my view on soccer makes you butthurt…..finish cleaning your Husband’s house, eat a dick and shut the fuck up! Finally, if we see a stretcher it means someone is hurt and not faking an injury, finally a sport that has scoring. Finally a sport that MEN play. Finally, impact and collision is expected and not shied away from! I will add more shitty comments in the future but until then, beat your kids (locking them in a hot car is an option, just saying) pay your bills and pay attention: Secret menu item for blog readers in August is……The Nazi. What is it? Fuck off. How much is it? Fuck off. Order it and enjoy.
I am the Burgernazi and I approve this message.

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