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Public notice

This post does not apply to all of my blog readers but I need to vent. In addition, if any of my language or analogies in past posts has offended you in any way, for the sake of your mental health, please stop here. Now after thirty years of doing this I believe that I have a pretty good grasp of "reading" my customer base, and it breaks down like this: 60% can give and take some jokes and sarcastic ribbing. 30% I don't even fuck with because they either don't give off the "vibe" or I have predetermined they are easily butthurt. Now there is 9.9999% who technically fall into the 30% but seek retribution in online reviews, since they are winecooler drinking pansies and won't address the Burgernazi LIKE A MAN. Now off to the topic of the day; the 0.0001%! The 0.0001%er is the...
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Godless, cock-sucking telemarketers

Hello monkeys! I hope that some of you are taking advantage of the expanded hours (10-6) Tue-Fri. Now on to one of the greatest annoyances in America today.....telemarketers. One positive if you are one, at least you have a job. Now to the meat of the matter; FUCKING KILL YOURSELF!! I will give you a simple fact of life. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together (well.....some of you) will seek out the product and or service they need, not wait by the fucking phone praying for some random phone whore to call and offer what they need. Besides being every other call at the Bomber (yep, businesses CANNOT opt out) you prey on the stupid and the elderly, fuck me, you should be so proud of yourselves! (Side note: If our "elders" are so wise, why are they ALWAYS the dumbshits that fall for every...
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