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This post does not apply to all of my blog readers but I need to vent. In addition, if any of my language or analogies in past posts has offended you in any way, for the sake of your mental health, please stop here.
Now after thirty years of doing this I believe that I have a pretty good grasp of “reading” my customer base, and it breaks down like this: 60% can give and take some jokes and sarcastic ribbing. 30% I don’t even fuck with because they either don’t give off the “vibe” or I have predetermined they are easily butthurt. Now there is 9.9999% who technically fall into the 30% but seek retribution in online reviews, since they are winecooler drinking pansies and won’t address the Burgernazi LIKE A MAN. Now off to the topic of the day; the 0.0001%!
The 0.0001%er is the spineless parasite that lives in a maggots rotting colon and makes FALSE complaints to the their Mommy, eeerrrrr the Health Department, to get the retribution their 60 I.Q., survived Forest Gump abortions intellect cannot achieve on their own as they were conceived in the gaping asshole of a fat cum dumpster. This person is not only the reason abortion is legal but should be ENCOURAGED!  The complaint was that the burger was “raw”. What?!!!! Are you fucking kidding me? I have cooked my entire life and have over 100,000 and counting under my belt at the Bomber alone, pretty sure I may have a fucking clue. Oh and if your concerned, I passed inspection with flying colors, as always. Now a personal message to the fucktard in question. I now know are a “male”, at least technically (the highly skilled government employee let it slip).  I have a strong assumption that you love Zima, own a cat, drive a hybrid, love soccer, can’t differentiate between offense or defense when your manly co-workers talk about football, and fight against “global warming” although it’s FUCKING 10 DEGREES OUTSIDE! Now the Burgernazi has a two fold approach for you to adopt. Step one: Stop taking your AIDS medicine and let nature take it’s course and fucking die. I also have step 1.a if step 1 is not to your liking: get dick cancer requiring the first 2 1/2 inches of your 3 inch excuse of a limp dick to be amputated to give you the clit/piss hole you deserve. Step two: Spend your eternity in Hell eating the endless supply of rancid ricotta cunt cheese out of the diseased snatch of my morbidly obese EX-Mother in law while receiving a prison episiotomy from the viagra fueled, raging hard cock of a pre-opp Bruce Jenner! (Authors note: try getting that mental image out of your skull!)
I am the Burgernazi and I approve this message.
P.S. You anonymous embarrassment to the human race, I have a home work assignment for ya’: Look up the Freedom of Information Act. Sleep tight!

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