Yes, I'm a grumpy old fuck.

There, it’s out in the open and I will not shy away from it. I was called “Mr. Compassion” in my youth because of my lack of give a shit for 99.99% of the Worlds population. Now on to the issue: White trash and Spring break.
The only solus I have is that it’s inconveniencing the Parents of these little bastards since their Government babysitter is taking a break but it should only bother them, NOT ME! I can see why they need a break, after all the United States is 17th in testing among industrialized nations and the ACT and SAT have been dumbed down over the last 25 years. Oh, and 80% of college Freshmen take fucking remedial courses since they can’t fucking read, write or have any general knowledge at all despite spending over $10,000 to $22,000 per kid, per year. I guess a break is well earned!
Now, for all of you that feel bringing you entire brood of life sucking ticks out into public to get in my way at the store, consume all of the free samples at Sam’s Club instead of BUYING them lunch, and occupy chair space in my small restaurant…….I hope your mini-van slides under a gas truck and you taste your own blood as you and your tax write off’s burn to death! ¬†Harsh words from a harsh man. Now some of you will “try” to be logical and say the following “Hey Burgernazi, without kids how will you get new customers?” Well dipshit, once they are grown and can make me a profit they become useful, until then they are organ donors, recipe ingredients and your tax write off and YOUR problem. Until then, they aggravate the FUCK out of real customers, do not consume enough product to justify the chair space and cannot purchase higher profit items. KEEP. THEM. HOME.
I am the Burgernazi and I approve this messege.
P.S. “You seem to not like kids that much Burgernazi!” Well before you judge, consider the following: I adopted a child, had a child, have a Step-daughter and coached youth sports for over 15 years. IF ANYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO THIS OPINION, IT’S ME!!!!!!!!!
My vasectomy cost me $500 cash and worth every damn penny! It’s now costing $400,000, per child to raise from birth to 18 assuming no college or medical problems. Still seem worth it? Just asking……..BN.

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