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Yes my April fools day joke went over very well..........for some of you. Now to the people that fell for it, I had NO idea that the group homes in the area had free wi-fi! Fuck, some of you were on suicide watch and I laughed my balls off (or Mrs. Nazi dropped her purse.)!  I don't have too much to post today as I am doing my taxes and just needed a mental health break. My thought of the day: If everyone's life would be empty without my cooking, why do I average less than 8% in tips? Just asking...... I am the Burgernazi and I approve this message.       P.S. There is no P.S. this time you gullible cockbags, get to work!!...
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It is with a heavy heart but no regrets that I am closing the Bomber Burger and retiring from being a Chef. After 30 years of nearly 80 hour weeks, the physical wear  and burnout of the grind has taken it's toll.  With the down economy it has become increasingly difficult to make a living in the restaurant business and I need to provide for my family, and an opportunity has presented itself that I cannot turn down. After my latest checkup, my Doctor commented on how high my stress level is and how it is deteriorating my health at an alarming rate. After explaining the hours, stress, money problems and headaches the government continues to cause, he offered me a job! He is willing to cover my bills while I finish my clinicals to get my Physicians Assistant's degree in exchange for working for...
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