Going to Riverfest? IDIOT!

OK, I have to disclose that I am a rather antisocial hermit, and have had negative experiences the few times I have went, I still do not see the fucking draw of Riverfest. Really, I JUST DON’T. I have suffered a traumatic brain injury before but have never hopped out of bed and said “Hey Mrs. Nazi! Why don’t we spend money on buttons to walk down a PUBLIC STREET (that we have already paid for!), dodge unsupervised children, mingle with white trash with B.O., pay three times the market rate for food and beer and celebrate the river in which we can’t even touch without contracting HERPAGONASYPHILAIDS!  Wait honey, where are you going? Come back…..”! Now that I have put it in perspective, don’t you feel like a window licking fucktard for going? Now take that button and shove it up your pee hole (If you used your ass it would not even be a challenge!) and support the local businesses that have the common fucking sense to not drop thousands in licensing to rip people off, unlike the fucking carny fest going on downtown.  “Your full of shit Burgernazi! It’s a great local event!”. OK, shut your cum dumpster and listen to some examples: 1988, this broke dick high school student spent $8 a person for “Cajun” food as I had never had Cajun food before, now that I know how to cook it, I’M EVEN MORE PISSED OFF 27 YEARS LATER!!!!!!!!! For $16 I received two plates of food that were not fit for a homeless shelter! The “quality” of this product was so poor that for $16, I could prepare this swill and feed a hundred people……today!  $16 in 1988 was a significant amount of pussy money considering minimum wage was $3.35 mother fucking cents! (Eat a dick, you $15/hr wanting twat waffles!)  At that price, I assumed that you received refills…….FUCK NO, FATKID! $*8.00 more please.  Fuck your Mother in the ass while blowing your Dad, Carny! #2! For over a decade the Bomber represented with a very competitive team in the Riverfest tug of war. For over a decade, one way or another, the “officials” provided by the sponsor, FUCKED over my team. I guess calling the team the Bomber Boys at a Genesis run event puts a target on ya!!  I will let you connect the dots. If you want more details, get your ass down here and make me some damn money!
I am the Burgernazi and I approve this message.
P.S. The cheese fries are doing well. So now you can buy some without buying a button and having a Carny serve them to you!

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