Independence day

Most of your refer it as July 4th but it is called Independence day. It is historic as we told Britain to fuck off and we wanted to live without overbearing government control and taxes. And something just stuck in my craw as the Oaklawn neighborhood was shooting off a shit ton of fireworks. A majority of which receive government assistance. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU CELEBRATING INDEPENDENCE DAY WHEN YOU ARE DEPENDENT ON YOUR GOVERNMENT HANDOUT TO SURVIVE, YOU LAZY FUCKSTICKS?!?! How are you buying fireworks when you cannot even provide for housing, food or clothes without my fucking hard earned money? Oppps, I said earned! Probably a hate crime now a days. Instead, I paid for my home, business, utilities, cars, medical care, tv, on my own and bought fireworks WITHOUT GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS!  I would like to lock up these baby making, parasitic, cum dumpsters in a room with six wiener dogs high on Angel dust and have them eviscerate your soon to be carcass! (Writer’s note: I have the wiener dogs, just need a hook up on the Angel dust!)   This post isn’t as funny as most but I needed to vent.
I am the Burgernazi, and I INDEPENDENTLY approve this message.
P.S. If you have a Vision card and bought a single firework……..DIE! Now! I fucking mean it, NOW! Die. Hurry up, it’s not like you will be late for WORK!!!!

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