N.F.L. Hall of Fame! Yeah, baby!!!

For some of you in the know, I have returned from Pittsburgh/Canton for the HOF induction of the Bus!! I have saved for five years for this trip so just skip the “must be nice to blah, blah blah.” bullshit. If you want all the details, get your ass down here but I will give you some lessons learned from the experience. First, if you visit Pittsburgh, take a cab or Uber…….PERIOD. The only way to describe the road system in Pitt is the following: Take an Exosketch,  put a black dot on both sides of the Exosketch with a Sharpie and hand it to an Autistic kid on meth and tell him to connect the dots! The results are the road system in Pitt! On top of that, there are over 700 staircases in Pitt that your GPS considers part of the highway system! “Take a right on Carson St.” Well thanks, GPS whore, that’s another fucking set of stairs! Highlights: Tour Heinz Field if you can, very epic and cheap. The Heinz Pittsburgh Historical Museum is very cool. The Bus 36 Grill was very good.  Riverboat tour of the city was very cool as well. People were very friendly……..UNLESS THEY WERE IN A FUCKING CAR! I don’t even blame them, with how fucked the road system was they have just adapted. If you are nice, you will starve in you car sitting in traffic.  Overrated: The trolley that goes up Mount Washington and I wasn’t very impressed with Pramanti Brothers.
I am the Burgernazi and I approve this message.
P.S. Air travel with children and the Burgernazi’s ideas to deal with it. One, DON”T. Two, bus. Three, pet carrier in the cargo hold. Four, ADULT DOSAGE OF BENADRYL!!!!! I hate being in an airplane in the first place but listening to the little screaming fuck, that you should have swallowed in the first place, and smelling the shit filled diaper makes me drop $30 per flight on Miller Lite to ease the pain!

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