With the huge decline in the United States is currently going thru, you can count on the BN to lead you through this mess. Enclosed is a guide to muddle through the current landscape.
  • Liberal: Closet Socialist who is VERY "compassionate" with YOUR MONEY.
  • Progressive: New term for liberal, since people have caught on to the term, that are a little more open about their Socialism. Want to change the greatest nation the world has ever known yet would not live in Cuba, China or any other country they admire even if you paid the air fare. Rather dangerous form of liberal.
  • Millennial: A full generation of coddled, pussified, asshats with minimal work ethic living in their parent's basement surrounded by "participation trophy's". If you are offended by this, put down the Mountain Dew and get a fucking job.
  • Trans gender: First, it's trans sexual....proper English people. Secondly, mentally...
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