The Burgernazi's guide to deciphering P.C. / liberal terms.

With the huge decline in the United States is currently going thru, you can count on the BN to lead you through this mess. Enclosed is a guide to muddle through the current landscape.

  • Liberal: Closet Socialist who is VERY “compassionate” with YOUR MONEY.
  • Progressive: New term for liberal, since people have caught on to the term, that are a little more open about their Socialism. Want to change the greatest nation the world has ever known yet would not live in Cuba, China or any other country they admire even if you paid the air fare. Rather dangerous form of liberal.
  • Millennial: A full generation of coddled, pussified, asshats with minimal work ethic living in their parent’s basement surrounded by “participation trophy’s”. If you are offended by this, put down the Mountain Dew and get a fucking job.
  • Trans gender: First, it’s trans sexual….proper English people. Secondly, mentally ill freak that PAYS to have their junk cut off. Not a “hero”. That is how fucked up our society has become, Bruce Jenner is a “hero” while cops and solders are “raciest” and “war criminals”. Fucking insane.
  • Green energy: Highly expensive, inefficient option to oil and gas. Yet every liberal cunt muffin will be using coal fired electricity while bitching online about it. Be consistent, peddle a bicycle attached with a electrical generator to supply your power, you fucking hypocrites.
  • Fair share: Code phrase for “pay more taxes” so the part of society that wants to sit on their bulbous ass still can. Coincidentally, this branch of society is overwhelmingly liberal.  Hmmmmmm……
  • Climate change: Liberal attempt to get even more tax money for something that does not exist. These same cock gobblers were claiming an ice age in the 70’s, and changes it to “global warming” in the 80’s and 90’s. Now that the warming has not happened, it’s “climate change” so if it snows, it’s our fault. If it rains, it’s our fault. If it’s cold, it’s our fault. If it’s hot, it’s our fault. IT IS CALLED FUCKING WEATHER, YOU STUPID FUCKSTICKS!! If you think we can effect the climate you are a mouth breather. We are a tick on this planet’s ass. (Editor’s note: Real climatologist not dependent on government money are predicting a “little ice age” in our future based on solar activity.)
  • Racism:  Still exists but not as rampant as the liberal’s claim. Commonly used in an argument by a liberal who is losing. Most people using it cannot even define the term. Usually, they mean bigot but that would make people think.

I could go on forever but this is a short version to allow you to tread through the PC bullshit you will encounter.
I am the Burgernazi and I approve this message.

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