The Bomber State of the Union for 2016

2015 was interesting and filled with improvements to the Bomber, including a re-surfaced bar and a new prep table, new beer selection, reorganized back room with a TV and a resurfaced floor. In addition, we won seven new awards (six for the burgers and a national one for the fries!) which has led to an influx of newbie’s to the Bomber Nation, boy what a surprise for them! Breaking in virgins is usually rough for them as my “give a shit gland”died many years ago.  I have reprinted some shirts (the “things to do in Oaklawn” style) and have a few ideas for 2016, stay tuned. Now the bad news, I’m still in Oaklawn and the damn roof still leaks, shit. I haven’t posted in a while as nothing has really pissed me off………until now! HOW IN THE FUCK DO YOU WINDOW LICKING, SISTER FUCKING TARDS NOT KNOW BY NOW THAT WE ARE CASH ONLY?!?!?! ONLY: Without the fucking possibility of another fucking option! It’s not cards on Wednesday between 1 and 2 P.M., IT”S CASH ONLY!  “Uhhh, will you take a check?” NOT YOURS! I have a website, Facebook page, thousands of business cards, and it’s stated on every banner on the building, the menu and have it stated on the front door! What the fuck do I need to do? Have an infomercial? Buy an add in the paper? Rent out the Koch Arena for a seminar?  I understand that our educational system is in decline but I simply assumed “only” was not that damn confusing. Second thing pissing me off; internet trolls that will give me a bad review if I make their participation trophy, live in Mom’s basement jobless, asshat feelings hurt. I’m (NOT) sorry if I verbally eviscerated your Millennial, coddled, twat waffle ass and left you holding your small intestine over your shoulder like a bleeding sea snake. MAN UP CUNT. Hell, I even had a “chef” challenge me online to a burger cook-off as I said the word cunt while telling a story to other patrons and offended his “Mommy”. I did not say it to her, which would be out of line (Yes, I have standards and protocol)  He even notes that he informed her about the salty atmosphere before coming and that she was 50 years old. UHHHH, I’m 43, and willing to bet she has heard “cunt” before. I researched said “chef” and found that he is a coddled Millennial who works in the kitchen of a fucking poker room! Yeah son, do it for thirty years (yeah, ME) and get back to me, fry cook. Educated, smart, quick wit and experienced? Yeah, that’s the Burgernazi and you are dandruff on an ox’s ass.  Yes son, you are outclassed. Just keep sending applications to the Morry Povich show and try to find your Father. The eagle does not hunt flies. Win ONE award during your career, just one, not the dozens I win yearly, JUST ONE!     Oh, and cry in your wine cooler bitches, even with these trolls I maintain the highest ratting in Wichita for ANY restaurant. HAHAHAHAH! Now in closing, since football is over for me, I will update the blog more often and get your ass down here to try the new menu items!
I am the Burgernazi and I approve this message.
Burgernazi out.

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