New item!!!!

I should never sell drugs as I would fail miserably. I have an item here in the shop that I introduce to all of you, jalapeno salt.  I get you fucking hooked like a rat on crack and keep giving it to you on my dime, pretty damn stupid. My Father discovered it over 20 years ago and I have maintained the tradition. Well, since we can’t find it locally, I buy 35 lbs. a year for your needs direct from the manufacturer to refill my containers. In a lucid moment (Mrs. Nazi stopped beating me for a couple of days and I could think clearly!) it dawned on me that since I have dealer status with this company, I CAN ACTUALLY SELL YOU CONTAINERS OF JALAPENO SALT! So effective immediately, I have jap. salt for sale in the seven ounce containers for $6!  Now you can buy and take home something to cover up the taste of your pathetic, substandard attempts at cooking, what a bargain! “Fuck you Burgernazi, I’m a great cook!” OOOOKKKKKK, that’s why you fucksticks eat MY food, are paying my mortgage and you have a supervisor. I almost consider this community service seeing how much I carry you asshats through life, so you are welcome. Well back to the point: get your asses down here and buy shit and make me money. I have new shirts, the jalapeno salt, ghost pickles and ass kicking roasted garlic hot sauce and chili! Hell, if you are sweet to me, I might even cook for ya!
I am the Burgernazi and I approve this message.
Burgernazi out!
P.S. Mrs. Nazi wanted it made clear she doesn’t beat me…..just want’s to!

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