Back to school! (And why it annoys me)

Long time, no blog but I’m back! Now you may be thinking ” What about back to school could be so bad?” I will show you. MONEY! Or the blatant waste of it to be more specific. Let’s get to the dirty fucking details:

  1. Kansas spends nearly $10,000 of tax money PER STUDENT, PER YEAR  and graduates are fucking stupid. They lack skills in basic math, grammar and basic life skills. And IF they go to college (most shouldn’t) they end up taking remedial classes to get caught up. Does that sound like a good return on a $180,000 investment? If it does to you, I have a bridge to sell you.
  2. Now where does this money go? Hypothetical example: One classroom, 20 students=$200,000 in revenue per classroom. Let’s pay the teacher $50,000. Where does the other $150,000 go? Sure as fuck not to results or supplies!
  3. Supplies. Why in the fuck are we buying school supplies while this surplus exists? You are telling me that $7,500 surplus PER STUDENT, after paying the teacher, isn’t enough to to buy pencils and paper for these booger eating fucktards? Oh no, WE have to do it! And most of the supplies are for the fucking teacher! I am expected to buy enough office supplies to stock a fucking law firm for a year for my kid?! Fucking ridiculous. And all of the supplies YOU BOUGHT for YOUR KID is taken from them and put in the Socialist pile for distribution. (Starting to get pissed yet? Just wait.)
  4. Supply “drives”.  Armed with this information does it now annoy you when you go to purchase something at the store and they try to guilt you into donating for school supplies?
  5. Enrollment fees. Really? I have already addressed the tax money wasted, and to just piss in my face, when I go to enroll, they want a couple hundred more dollars? Sure! You want me to cradle the balls why I’m sucking your cock as well? Anything to do my “fair share”.
  6. Fund raisers. WHAT THE FUCK??!! After all of this they are sending home fund raisers? Guess we know now why they want you to supply enough copy paper for an office, so they can try to get even more money from ya’! DUMBSHITS.

Now before you open your cock wallets in the comment section of the Facebook page, I will answer them here. Where does the money go? Administration. After all, nothing can get done without a principle and a half dozen vice-principles per school. And they need a support staff. Buildings. Separate funding. Same with utilities and maintenance. The money I reference is supposed to be for the pupil and the pupil alone. It’s called “core education spending” and Kansas is in the bottom third of the Nation in utilizing this per pupil money.  Pissed yet?
I am the Burgernazi and I approve this message. BN

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