Evil thoughts from a pissed off mind!

Hello Minions, I know it’s been awhile. But, I have had two different cum guzzling asshats cross my World recently and lord knows I can’t post this rant upon the PC purifying landscape of Facebook. So I just get around them by ranting in my blog and linking it, hehe. One: While checking feedback on the Bomber Facebook page I found out that I am a “racist”! I know, came to a shock to me as well! I guess surviving an attempted murder, getting my ear cut off, 98 stitches to the neck and losing 3 pints of blood defending a BLACK Sheriffs Dep. after he was assaulted by a white trash PIECE OF SHIT qualifies as racist. HMMMMM. If I could locate this internet troll I would kick-fuck this sorry ass piece of shit and make their crotch look like you punted the side of the carcass of a rotting hog. I treat everyone the same and I give everyone the same amount of sarcastic shit regardless of race, sex or stupidity……..well, the stupid DO get a little more attention. Two: I received a “surprise” health inspection on an “anonymous” complaint. Did I pass? DUH. But you are thinking to yourself “Hey Burgernazi, what was the complaint? Bug problem? Rodents? Poor food handling? Food poisoning? No indoor plumbing? Lack of hot water? No trash service? Unsanitary food prep surfaces?” NO, NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO and NO again. Now that I have you in suspense, I will tell you. A RESTAURANT,WHILE IN OPERATION AND COOKING, HAD OIL AND SOME RANDOM FRIES ON THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF THE GRILL! I shit you not. Now are these two things related? Hell if I know. What I do know is that if I piss off some sensitive snowflake they do love to run to their big brother, the government or liable me on social media. Do they think I’m going to fucking change? HELL NO! All this does is throw fuel into my hate and sarcasm blast Calderon. You might as well put miracle grow on the weeds growing in the cracks of your driveway and wonder why they are not going away!
Now some random thoughts. Fuck Summer. Yes I said it. Don’t like it then YOU pay my Westar bill and mow my Johnson grass. Fuck people who watch a little to much Food Network and want to give me “suggestions”. “Have you ever thought of putting Thyme on your burgers? While I was rubbing one off to Rachael Ray…..EERRRR, watching Food Network, they thought that was a great idea!” Fuck off soccer Mom and Dad and get back to what you know: Lunchables, Hotpockets and Mac and Cheese with hotdogs. Fuck school fundraisers. If you need ME to help YOU supply YOUR kid then you should have swallowed.
If it’s the standard to make the Father of the child be in the “birthing suite” instead of a bar waiting for a phone call, then Epidurals should be outlawed and the Dad to be should be whispering in her ear “And you thought anal would hurt!” After all, I am a problem solver.
Ok, enough for now.
I am the Burgernazi and I approve this message.
P.S. The HUGE time lapse between blogs is due to my computer shit the bed and all of my log in info was on the old one and I’m a lazy fuck and didn’t memorize my login. Oh and fuck Facebook for censoring anything and everything that MAY piss ANYONE off. This is a shout out to my man Dave. BN

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