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An explanation….

as to why us "old" people FUCKING HATE MILLENNIALS!!! Oh, let me count the ways! An entire generation, that is the DIRECT result of participation trophies, is now released into society and they are tedious, entitled, limited work ethic, pretentious attention whores. That is the general explanation, now we can get into the specifics:
  • They are easy to identify; thousands of dollars worth of tattoos and piercings acquired without any measure of employ-ability or job skill set. Makes me wonder......
  • Speaking of tattoos, my generation has them as well. BUT, until we were established in our life's work, WE PUT THEM IN SPOTS THAT DIDN'T HAMPER OUR CHANCES OF EMPLOYMENT! I am an employer, and I enjoy the fact that millennial's make it easy to identify they are unemployable! If I hire you, you are REPRESENTING MY BUSINESS in my absents. Not happening here.
  • Man...
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I don't get it.

It's Monday, January First and everything is closed. WHY?! OK, Government is off but they are lazy fucks out of the box. Banks as well as they use every Government holiday as an excuse. Why is "New Years Day" even considered a "Holiday" anyway? Are you fuckers either such bad or good drinkers that you need an extra day to recover? Is the perplexing task of changing a calendar require 24 fucking hours? Is working with a hangover above your pay grade? If so, I wouldn't hire you, means you can't multitask and are mentally weak (That's PC for retard). Liquor stores closed? Anyone ever heard of "Hair of the Dog" or deadbeat friends and relatives sucking your WHOLE stockpile into THEIR COCK-HOLES?! Thanks Government. To me, it's just fucking Monday and I want to get shit done to be ready for Tuesday, that's it....
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