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as to why us “old” people FUCKING HATE MILLENNIALS!!! Oh, let me count the ways! An entire generation, that is the DIRECT result of participation trophies, is now released into society and they are tedious, entitled, limited work ethic, pretentious attention whores. That is the general explanation, now we can get into the specifics:

  • They are easy to identify; thousands of dollars worth of tattoos and piercings acquired without any measure of employ-ability or job skill set. Makes me wonder……
  • Speaking of tattoos, my generation has them as well. BUT, until we were established in our life’s work, WE PUT THEM IN SPOTS THAT DIDN’T HAMPER OUR CHANCES OF EMPLOYMENT! I am an employer, and I enjoy the fact that millennial’s make it easy to identify they are unemployable! If I hire you, you are REPRESENTING MY BUSINESS in my absents. Not happening here.
  • Man bun. Nuff said.
  • Female millennials that CANNOT complete a sentence without using the word “like”. “Uh, I would uh, like a cheeseburger, like with bacon and uh, like some ketchup. And like, some fries. Like, uh, how much is that?”
  • Male millennials who’s only response to a statement is “Right,right”. “Damn windy out today!” Right, right. “Your as sharp as a bag of wet hair!” Right, right.
  • Did I mention Man buns? Just checking.
  • A graduate level education on the different strains of pot. To each their own, but at last check, that shit is expensive. ESPECIALLY WITHOUT EMPLOYMENT!
  • Snap chat, I Phones and constant updates on social media updating their non-accomplishments in life.
  • Selfies. See above.

And I will finish with a personal example and a current news story.
My last order of the day yesterday: Four burgers, four fries. An old, frail woman, using a cane, fought to get the door open while fighting the wind. While wrapping up said order, the lady stated that she hasn’t been in for a while due to multiple visits to the ER. I rang her out, and she was short of the total. Said she was going to the car to get more money from her Granddaughter. I “suggested” that she should get her lazy ass GD to get out of the car to assist her. She came back in, ALONE, with the balance. I took her food, held the door and assisted her inside the car. What was I presented with? A fully functional, nose ring and neck tattoo sporting millennial updating her social status! Pathetic.
News story this morning, no bullshit. Animal shelters are having a hard time adopting black cats. The reason? Bad luck? NOPE. A tie in to a movie or mini-series where a bad character either is or has a black cat? NOPE. Apparently black cats do not show up well in selfies. I’m not kidding.
I am the Burgernazi and I approve this message.
P.S. If you are a millennial and this does not apply to YOU, good. But look around your peer group and try not to argue how CORRECT I AM. If you are a parent of a millennial and support their phone, Mountain Due, social media, tattoo habits…..YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! Kick them out. They will never elevate above a job skill that doesn’t involve a head set and a drive thru.

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  1. Jeff

    Christ, you’re a bitter person.

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