Sometimes it sucks being intelligent

Now, I’m not saying I’m laser sharpened Adamantium from Wolverine’s claws but I’m not the typical KFC spork I tend to encounter more often than I prefer to meet. Topic of the day: I watched on this mornings news that some local businesses are giving women 10% off to celebrate “Woman’s equality Day”. If anything, I am intellectually consistent, an asshole, but call them as I see them. If the “I am women, hear me roar!” movement has any validity, since you can do anything any man can do, ISN’T A DISCOUNT ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY AN INSULT?! Riddle me that, Batman! Now to more inconsistency, if someone with cock and balls comes into any of these stores “identifying” as a woman and the discount is denied,  will there be any outrage? HMMMMM. Doubt it. Just little things I notice, nothing else. And before any Lib asshat get’s their thong in a bunch, here are some facts: Majority of college graduates, women. Single, childless, women make more than their single, childless male counterparts. Now to the so called “Wage gap”. Men tend to explore either more dangerous professions or have degrees that make more money (engineering,  Dr. ect.) and women tend to gravitate to more of a liberal arts focus, WHICH DOES NOT PAY AS MUCH! I didn’t make ya’ so it isn’t my fault. Women who have the same tenure, work the same hours and days, have the same education, not only make the same but usually MORE than their male coworkers! And if you don’t, that is actionable and I will be behind you! And what is not equal about that………well, other than that 10% discount I can’t get since I’m a man.


I am the Burgernazi and I approve this message.


P.S. Chilli will be back next month and remember, 47th is closed for the next few weeks IF you are coming from the West. Deture details (look, I’m a poet) on the Bomber Facebook page. After I link this rant to Facebook, and one of clicks and reads it, it may get banned! MOVING ON UP, TO THE EAST SIDE, TO A DELUXE……….some of you will get it!

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  1. Christy Oeur

    I wouldn’t be insulted, but rather entertained that a woman could be bought with that kind of marketing and think that it does anything to further the cause for equality without any kind of information other than, “Hey, you’re a woman, here’s your discount.” The truth is that feminists don’t care about that kind of shit. We really don’t. We just roll our eyes and move on at businesses that try to exploit a movement and really, just aren’t surprised, because that’s capitalism for you. Now, if you happen to be a poor woman who could really use a discount, why not exploit the system back? You need to eat, right?

    Now, if a transgender woman decided to claim her discount and it was made known, yeah, I think there would be a fuss made among feminists. What you may not know is that there is infighting among feminists, those that believe a person can identify as a woman and there’s nothing wrong with that and TERFS (Trans Exclusionary Feminists). Some feminists prefer to refer to TERFS as FARTS or (Feminist Appropriating Reactionary Transphobics). If you can’t tell, the former doesn’t acknowledge the validity of the latter. Do I expect outrage here in good ol’ Kansas? No. Because even if you believe that a person should be plainly treated as a person and there’s no reason to get offended with what they call themselves, people will get vitriolic against you just because you think individualism applies to what people decide to call themselves. Oh well. Can’t expect individualists to always be consistent, we are all human after all.

    Love your burgers.

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